Stoneworks Helps Businesses Engineer for Digital Growth through Partnership with Hitachi Vantara

As organizations accelerate efforts to engage with customers and collaborate in a world of sustained hybrid work, Stoneworks partners with Hitachi Vantara to bring a proven track record to infrastructure modernization to its customers.

  • September 8, 2022 | Author: Patricia Schnaidt
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As organizations accelerate efforts to engage with customers and collaborate in a world of sustained hybrid work, Stoneworks brings a unique perspective and proven track record to infrastructure modernization.

“We provide IT solutions to enterprises of all sizes, including the government of Canada,” says Jody Burton, CEO and VP of sales at Stoneworks. “Our mandate is to make sure our customers have the right technologies for their growing needs."

A deep understanding of customer challenges and IT solutions, including virtualization, data center, cloud, and cybersecurity, along with strong vendor relationships is behind 20 years of the company’s success. Stoneworks is a longstanding partner with Hitachi Vantara. 

Navigating Clients Through Today’s IT Decision Points


“The pandemic has accelerated the conversation around hybrid cloud,” says Burton. “Before,  many organizations in Canada weren’t ready to make the move, but having a discussion with them around as-a-service models can give customers a foothold into cloud.” 


As organizations navigate their cloud journeys, Stoneworks takes a consultative approach.


“Most of our discussions are three-pronged right now,” says Burton. “To use a ‘Price is Right’ analogy, we have conversations with customers about what’s behind Doors 1, 2 and 3, so they can make the right decision for their workloads, requirements and future plans, and build an optimal environment, whether it’s on-site, hybrid, or all in the cloud.”


Data and advanced analytics are another area of growth for Stoneworks. Many customers are struggling to make sense of the massive volume and variety of data as they look to improve decision-making and automate operations. 


“AI is part of the conversation track,” says Burton. “The pandemic has accelerated the need for AI, but we still have to evangelize it a bit.”


Stoneworks also sees strong demand for its cybersecurity practice, especially among its government clients.


Trusted Partnerships Underpin Customer Success


“Hitachi’s  business strategy is in tune with how we do business,” says Burton.


Stoneworks leverages Hitachi Vantara solutions for data protection, application modernization, and hybrid cloud. Hitachi EverFlex—storage, data protection and infrastructure as-a-service—is resonating in particular as clients look to speed service delivery and manage costs. 


“Part of our value stack is that we provide technology-agnostic solutions to our customers,” says Burton. “Having the depth of the relationship with Hitachi Vantara and our understanding of the Hitachi portfolio creates synergy. We can put our best solution forward to our customers because of our long-standing relationship and mutual investment.”


Burton encourages other IT solution providers to get to know Hitachi Vantara today.


“I’ve been doing this for 32 years, and back then, Hitachi was a behemoth. Today they’re very nimble and competitive,” he says. “I would encourage other partners to understand how working with the Hitachi ecosystem can benefit their organizations and their customers.”

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