Hitachi Vantara Moves Beyond Partnering to Co-Creating, Says Channel Chief Kimberly King

As cloud, AI, data and automation evolves, so does the partner relationship. Kimberly King, SVP, Strategic Partners & Alliances at Hitachi Vantara explains why rising customer demand is prompting partners to expand into the world of co-creation. 

  • March 23, 2023 | Author: Kathy Wilson
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As the technical landscape evolves, so too does the partner relationship. Many Hitachi Vantara partners who have forged deep relationships with customers by building strategic, multi-vendor solutions are now expanding into the world of co-creation. 

This move, largely a response to rising customer demand, allows Hitachi Vantara to help partners better align their go-to-market strategies and get solutions into the customer’s hands sooner, says Kimberly King, SVP, Strategic Partners & Alliances, Hitachi Vantara in this blog.

The Power of Trust

Successful co-creation partnerships require a solid foundation of trust. While there should always be trust in partner relationships, co-creation takes that to a whole new level. 

  • Strengthening the trust between partners requires that we learn each other’s business at a more granular level

  • Understanding the end user’s needs from a macro and micro level is also essential, and can be challenging 

Often, the growth of the partnership can result in a loss of human touch. We run global programs with a view into the local market, but a disconnect between people on the ground can lessen the program’s effectiveness. While relationships among executives are maintained, it’s the people in the field who need to work as a unified team and feel empowered to make co-creation a success.

The Benefits

Focusing on co-creation can enhance both the vendor’s and the partner’s position in the marketplace. It showcases agility and innovation. Together, Hitachi Vantara and partners can create customized precision solutions that better suit clients’ needs, driving sustainable engagements and yielding higher customer satisfaction and deeper loyalty.

  • Creating solutions as one forces improved communication and collaboration among stakeholders. 

  • This leads to more effective teamwork, faster problem-solving and fresher perspectives and insights.

  • It also helps identify and address potential problems or challenges earlier in the development phase, reducing the risk of costly mistakes or failures.

Ultimately, Hitachi Vantara’s commitment to co-creation leads to more effective solutions and increased value. 

Read the blog to learn more key takeaways in this discussion between King and Morne Laubscher, CTO at Logicalis SA, one of Hitachi Vantara’s co-creation partners.

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