The Unbreakable? Team Tackles Data Center Sustainability

The Unbreakable? team is known for testing all kinds of inventions and pushing technology to its extreme limits. See what happens when Kari Byron and her crew from Unbreakable? set out with the help of Hitachi Vantara to find the greenest, smartest, most efficient solutions available for the modern data center.   

  • February 7, 2024 | Author: Melanie McMullen
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Sustainability is a critical component of every data center modernization project. Solution providers have to work hard to define a realistic, measurable roadmap for customers to move toward carbon neutrality targets. And achieving those goals is no easy task. 

While organizations often measure sustainability based on the boxes delivered to the data center, a much broader view is now required. Kari Byron of MythBusters fame stepped up with her Unbreakable? team to discover from Hitachi Vantara what’s really needed to create a sustainable, green, zero-waste data center. 

Unearthing Green Solutions

In Episode 4 of her Unbreakable? series, Byron talks to a Hitachi Vantara partner who is implementing an industry-leading sustainability program for a European telecommunications company. The telecommunications company needs more than just data center energy monitoring and efficiency dashboards. It wants to have insights into the full lifecycle of its IT investments, including how the systems are manufactured and distributed, their length of utilization, and how the technology is disposed of at the end of its useful lifespan.

To discover answers, Byron in this video talks to expert Bart Gugelot from the Center of Excellence at Hitachi Vantara. He gives her a tour of the climate control engine room and other parts of the Hitachi Vantara facility, including the massive European Distribution Center. The goal of the facility is to be carbon neutral and operate predominantly on green energy. The smart building environment has smart sensors for lighting and climate control and uses efficient solar power. Even the packing and transport solutions are zero-waste and reusable.  

Watch this Unbreakable? video to see what Byron and her team learn about building a carbon-neutral facility and the sustainability benefits of Hitachi’s energy-star rated storage arrays. 

Tune in to the Beyond Unbreakable? with Kari Byron video roundtable series with Hitachi Vantara. 

Image Credit: Hitachi Vantara 

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