Resilient Storage System Supports High Performance, High Availability Application Services for Netic

The right technology partner can strengthen your business. A Danish IT service provider partnered with Hitachi Vantara a dozen years ago to develop a storage architecture that would support its client applications, meet its SLAs and evolve as technology and business needs changed. They haven’t looked back.

  • October 2, 2023 | Author: Susan Biagi
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Netic, an IT service provider based in Denmark, provides IT operations and application lifecycle management for clients in both the public and private sectors. Netic supports business-critical systems for organizations across a range of fields, including the healthcare, retail, transportation and financial sectors. 




The service provider ensures the applications and systems it manages for customers have high availability, high performance and high security. Netic is known for consistently meeting or exceeding its service level agreements (SLAs). To support its customers’ enterprise applications and databases running on dedicated virtual machines and container-based platforms, Netic runs most customer workloads in its private cloud using dedicated storage systems. To create a storage architecture that supports its high service levels and gives Netic total control of the storage infrastructure, the IT service provider teamed with Hitachi Vantara. A longtime partner, Hitachi Vantara has helped Netic evolve its storage strategy to adopt new technologies and meet changing market demands. 


Fast, Flexible Storage for an Array of Clients

The latest iteration of Netic’s private cloud is based on the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E590. The NVMe storage solution supports low-latency performance, regardless of the size and I/O profile of the workload. The VSP E590s arrays also allow Netic to sandbox each client’s operations, providing an additional level of security and the system can scale easily by adding another VSP E590 node.


In addition to block storage, Netic provides clients with object storage through the use of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and HCP for Cloud Scale. Customers benefit from the flexibility of public cloud storage services, such as Amazon S3, but maintain the security and control afforded through Netic’s private cloud. Netic manages the entire system through Hitachi Ops Center, which provides a single view across all the storage arrays, automated provisioning and management tools and real-time performance and capacity data. 

The long-term partnership has been advantageous for Netic. In a dozen years, Netic has experienced only two storage controller failures, but Hitachi’s resilient design ensured that application availability and performance were not impacted. Upgrades and updates can occur while storage systems are still online, so customers don’t encounter any service interruption. 

The Hitachi storage systems have been highly reliable, allowing Netic to provide exceptional performance, availability and security for all the mission-critical customer applications it supports. 


Image Credits: Hitachi Vantara / Netic

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