Breaking Down Data Silos: Unveiling the Power of Virtual Storage Platform One

Finding the right storage solution for complex architectures requires you to know the pros and cons of managing dozens of solutions to accommodate different storage types: block, object, and file storage. It’s time to find the path of least resistance for your customers. Learn how to simplify enterprise storage with automation at scale.  

  • December 4, 2023 | Author: Melanie McMullen
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For every IT manager and solution provider, managing a myriad of storage solutions within intricate architectures has become a daunting challenge. Block, file, and object data types, coupled with diverse applications and deployments, often result in fragmented infrastructures that lack seamless integrations. Surprisingly, even when sourced from a single vendor, these setups give rise to data and application silos, hindering the possibilities for having streamlined storage.

The predicament lies in the absence of comprehensive integrations, making the dream of simplifying enterprise storage through large-scale automation seem unattainable. Enter the game-changer: Virtual Storage Platform One from Hitachi Vantara.

No Hassle, No Silos, No Limits

Virtual Storage Platform One creates a unified data plane, so organizations can seamlessly integrate block, file, and object storage. In this single data platform landscape, infrastructure becomes invisible, and data silos disintegrate, granting unparalleled flexibility for data consumption.

The result is total data freedom that empowers applications to leverage any storage solution, at any time, and from anywhere. The pieces effortlessly fit together—infrastructure, data, apps—all liberated from the constraints of outdated storage architectures.

Virtual Storage Platform One has a host of features:

  • Cloud self-service, giving organizations the ability to consume advanced data services rapidly.
  • Intelligent workload management, allowing organizations to optimize storage pools and rebalance workloads on the fly.
  • Integrated copy data management for fault tolerance, using replication and synchronous active storage clusters.  

If it’s time to restructure storage for your customers, Hitachi Vantara can help.

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Image Credit: Hitachi Vantara

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