7 Ways Hitachi Vantara Midmarket Storage Stands Out

When it comes to storage solutions, midsize businesses are caught in a bind. They often have similar needs as large enterprises, but they may not have the dedicated in-house IT staff to manage the solutions.

  • September 8, 2022 | Author: Peggy Bresnick
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When it comes to storage solutions, midsize businesses are caught in a bind. They often have similar needs as large enterprises, but they may not have the dedicated in-house IT staff to manage the solutions, and they typically need to stay within a smaller budget than larger organizations. Fortunately, you can help midsize organizations and even enterprises find easy and budget-friendly solutions to their external storage needs.

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E Series gives enterprise and midsize organizations an array of storage systems and management solutions options. These solutions are appropriate for larger enterprises looking to refresh their technology as well as midsize companies that want feature-rich, flexible storage alternatives to their current setup.

Here are some of the features and capabilities that help give the Hitachi VSP E Series an advantage over other external storage solutions for this customer segment.

1. Enterprise agility. Powered by the Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF) – the same operating system that provides superior resilience and intelligent performance for large enterprises – the VSP E Series enables your customers to manage and replicate their data between any VSP system while avoiding the creation of data silos.

2. NVMe, hybrid flash and all-flash options. Storage must deliver scalable performance, capacity and storage efficiency, especially as workloads and data levels increase. The VSP E Series offers your customers a single architecture to match all business and workload requirements. All-NVMe flash solutions delivery ultra-low latency performance your midsized and enterprise business customers need to accelerate and consolidate business applications, while VSP E Series all-flash and hybrid-flash solutions can extract maximum performance and capacity value from applications. These solutions are agile and can support traditional data center workloads and cloud initiatives.

3. Reliability and resilience. VSP E Series offers your customers a superior range of business continuity options to provide superior reliability. Plus, you can have confidence in Hitachi Vantara’s unique and comprehensive 100 percent data availability guarantee.

4. Flexible storage management. Your customers need flexible storage management options that scale as their business grows and needs change. Hitachi Vantara has a wide array of orchestration and optimization tools to meet these needs. Hitachi Vantara’s embedded management suite allows you to quickly configure and set up the VSP E Series arrays and provision storage quickly. Hitachi Ops Center, an AI-driven integrated storage management platform includes configuration, analytics, automation and data protection, providing you and your customers with a self-driving experience across the entire VSP portfolio.

5. Advanced AIOps. Hitachi Ops Center provides real-time monitoring for VSP E Series systems located on-premises or in a colocation facility. AIOps integrates IT analytics automation to identify and resolve issues. Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer uses AI and machine learning to improve IT operations. Hitachi Ops Center Automator orchestrates agile delivery of VSP E Series storage resources for a cloud-like, IT-resource delivery model that allows rapid deployment of new infrastructure resources through a self-service catalog.

6. Cloud-enabled monitoring. An easy-to-use, cloud-based monitoring and fleet management software tool, Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight can give your customers critical insights into their VSP assets. Ops Center Clear Sight uses Hitachi Remote Ops automated and proactive data collection to proactively identify equipment needs and create an efficient mitigation plan.

7. Ample cybersecurity. Ransomware mitigation built into Hitachi Ops Center helps your customers safeguard their data assets. By orchestrating the replication between on-premises, near cloud and public clouds, Hitachi Ops Center Protector provides backups of the data and locks down data to protect against ransom attacks. 

Support your customers’ strategic goals with advanced solutions that can help mid-sized businesses cost-effectively meet their storage and management objectives.