Streamline Data Management with Hitachi Vantara’s New Hybrid Cloud Approach to Storage

Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform One is a single, unified platform that provides the simplicity and scale that organizations need to unlock the full potential of their data to drive better business outcomes with a simplified data infrastructure.

  • October 12, 2023 | Author: Patricia Schnaidt
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We live in a data-driven world – one that’s accelerating at an unprecedented clip. Organizations continue their digital transformation journeys and modernize applications, their data is increasingly spread across a complex environment of public clouds and private data centers. We’re on the precipice of the next wave of innovation, but generative AI applications will explode data volumes. Businesses not only need the right data at the right time, but they need that data to stored and protected at new levels of scale and efficiency.

Rethink, Adapt and Evolve

The reality is that we are drowning in data. Companies are simply overwhelmed by the amount of data they manage. Data is stored across multiple public clouds, private clouds and hybrid environments – and on block, file and object systems, all managed as silos. And while data is collected, experts estimate that half of it is never used, which drives up cost and complexity.

Grappling with the need to store, protect and manage data is a common problem. More than 75% of US companies say their data infrastructure is falling short as data security, resiliency, and sustainability challenges surge, according to recent research.

“We must rethink, adapt, and evolve,” says Sheila Rohra, president of the Consolidated Digital Infrastructure Business Unit at Hitachi Vantara. “A foundational shift in data infrastructure is needed. Organizations need a data platform that is resilient and trusted to maximize the value of data and achieve business outcomes.”


A Unified Storage Approach for a Hybrid World

Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform One is a strategic path forward for today’s complex hybrid and multicloud world. As a single hybrid cloud data platform, Virtual Storage Platform One provides a common data plane across structured and unstructured data in block, file, and object storage.

As software-defined storage, Virtual Storage Platform One easily supports a variety of workloads, so customers can run and manage their mission-critical applications, analytics, and AI-driven applications on physical or virtual appliances or natively in the cloud. Unifying a range of storage systems into a single, cohesive platform empowers customers to eliminate siloed storage while preserving their storage infrastructure investments. With Hitachi Vantara, customers don’t face a forklift upgrade to modernize storage. Instead, they can modernize applications and data infrastructure at their own pace.

Virtual Storage Platform One enables cloud self-service so customers can rapidly consume advanced data services like replication at cloud scale without waiting for labor-intensive back-end work. Intelligent workload management optimizes storage pools by assigning and rebalancing workloads as condition changes, without requiring manual work. Integrated copy data management ensures global availability and superior fault tolerance without impacting performance using industry-leading replication and synchronous active storage clusters.

Simplified Selling Motion for Partners

A single data platform delivers clarity for customers and simplifies the selling motion for partners, notes Kimberly King, senior vice president of Strategic Partners & Alliances at Hitachi Vantara. “Imagine a platform that caters to all your customer’s needs, easily accessible as a service, with a 100% data guarantee, and an eco-friendly impact on the environment,” she writes in her blog.

Partners can add even more value with solutions like Hitachi Ops Center infrastructure management software, which includes Clear Sight to seamlessly manage block, file, object, and software-defined storage. Ops Center Advanced provides analytics, automation, data protection, and data intelligence. Partners can also help customers migrate data and upgrade at no risk with Hitachi Vantara Modern Storage Assurance.

Virtual Storage Platform One will be generally available in early 2024.


Image Credit: Hitachi Vantara

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