• October 13, 2022 | Author: Patricia Schnaidt

Simplify Your Customers’ Hybrid Cloud Journey with Hitachi and VMware

Helping customers find the right balance between agility, cost and control—wherever they are on their cloud journey—is a bigger opportunity than ever. 

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Many organizations accelerated their cloud migrations during the pandemic pivot, and since then, heightened customer expectations, inflationary cost pressures and the ongoing supply chain crunch continue to drive applications and workloads to the cloud. But while cloud brought agility, many organizations are struggling to get their cloud costs under control. 

Cloud can unlock tremendous business value, but if not done right, warns McKinsey, $100 billion could be wasted in just three years. 

Helping customers find the right balance between agility, cost and control—wherever they are on their cloud journey—is a bigger opportunity for solution providers than ever. Hitachi Vantara and VMware can help you as your customers navigate their hybrid cloud journey, with a proven combination of cloud-ready infrastructure and a simpler, unified way to orchestrate and manage resources across both on-premises and cloud environments. 

Accelerate Velocity and Operational Efficiency 

With the world moving faster than ever, businesses need to accelerate their digital velocity as they deliver applications and services to their customers and employees. They need a modern digital infrastructure that allows them to deliver services wherever they’re needed. 

Together, Hitachi Vantara and VMware can help your customers deliver both speed and efficiency with modern, cloud-ready infrastructure. Hitachi UCP RS, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu Kubernetes, provides software-defined compute, storage and networking for turnkey delivery of hybrid cloud. HCP RS supports both traditional workloads and containerized workloads, allowing organizations to optimize their on-premises and cloud investments. 

Hitachi UCP RS is a pre-integrated and pre-tested unified compute platform that simplifies deployment so your customers’ applications are up and running faster and at a lower cost of operations. Unified management software automates provisioning, configuration, and management of the entire stack. 

VMware running on Hitachi UCP RS reduces complexity and drives operational efficiency, allowing the business to move faster and freeing up resources for innovation. Hitachi UCP software makes it possible to support applications and workloads, with virtual services appropriately provisioned and protected. DevOps teams and database admins can request the compute, storage or other services they need through self-service functionality. IT teams can use familiar tool sets and operations methods, but gain a consistent view over their infrastructure resources.

Extend Data Protection

Data protection can be extended across the integrated hybrid cloud infrastructure, which supports data availability requirements and simplifies business continuity. Hitachi adds cloud-like protection and recoverability options for traditional data center applications hosted on local VMware environments. Data replication and recoverability are automated both locally and remotely, whether across data centers, colocation sites, or cloud providers. Your customers get the best of both worlds: governance over their data with the speed and agility of cloud.

Avoid Cloud Lock-In

The combined solution also helps customers hedge against vendor lock-in. They can maintain the flexibility to migrate applications or workloads to the cloud provide of their choice based on their business requirements. They can burst to other clouds to meet demand spikes. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds

With a hybrid cloud infrastructure from Hitachi and VMware, your customers can have the best of both public and private cloud. They can put workloads right where they need them, enabling faster service delivery and improved efficiency so they can thrive in a fiercely competitive world.

Learn how to build a flexible hybrid cloud to meet your customers’ needs.


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