Simplify Customers’ Cloud Migration with Sprint2Cloud

With a portfolio of 1,200+ successful cloud and application modernization engagements, Hitachi Vantara is introducing Sprint2Cloud, a new methodology that taps Generative AI. This approach to cloud migration emphasizes a foundational approach that considers the technical specifications along with the core business objectives of each customer.

  • September 27, 2023 | Author: Melanie McMullen
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In today’s fast-moving era of digital transformation, solution providers know that charting a confident path toward successful cloud migration can be daunting. However, having a well-defined cloud strategy is essential for organizations to not only to optimize their cloud investments but to reduce risk exposure.

To help ease the move to cloud, Hitachi Vantara has rolled out a migration methodology called Sprint2Cloud. According to Rafal Greupner IT consulting practice area management director, app engineering at Hitachi Vantara, Sprint2Cloud uses AI to develop a cloud migration path. It leverages automated source code analysis and a tailored target architecture for each application and creates a detailed assessment report.

“Sprint2Cloud with GenAI elevates beyond traditional automation, ensuring precision and strategic coherence throughout the modernization journey,” explains Greupner.

The Fast Track to Cloud Migration

Hitachi Vantara has reported tangible benefits with its cloud migration approach and solution. A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI™) study found that companies that used Hitachi Vantara migration services saved months on their projects, minimized resource requirements, and were able to use advanced cloud capabilities, including automation.

Specifically, the Forrester TEI report shows that the Hitachi Vantara approach shows a 3.5 times acceleration in cloud migration, a 108 percent ROI on modernization initiatives, and a noteworthy 95% reduction in manual coding efforts.

Hitachi Vantara reports that a prominent healthcare entity streamlined its application development cycle from 6 months to 2 months using Sprint2Cloud. Similarly, a major player in the financial sector witnessed a 40 percent plummet in infrastructure overhead by harnessing Hitachi Vantara specialized services.

The Power of Partnership

Greupner notes that one of the key factors driving successful cloud migration is Hitachi Vantara’s commitment to partnership. “We are steadfast in championing our clients’ digital aspirations. Our modus operandi revolves around cultivating a well-articulated strategy, ensuring comprehensive stakeholder buy-in, and then orchestrating a migration journey.” He adds that Hitachi Vantara positions enterprises not just for a cloud transition, but for a holistic digital revolution.

Learn more about the Sprint2Cloud program.

Download the Total Economic Impact™ of Cloud and Application Modernization Services from Hitachi Vantara study from Forrester Consulting.


Image Credit: Hitachi Vantara

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