Moreno Valley Uplifts Public Safety with Enhanced Visibility and Responsiveness

This Southern California city implemented a public safety and traffic management solution for better traffic flow through city intersections, faster and more accurate emergency response and greater situational awareness at the scene. 

  • February 13, 2023 | Author: Kathy Wilson
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The City of Moreno Valley, California, recently worked with Hitachi to implement an innovative public safety and traffic management solution. This collaboration enabled the city to combine its public safety and camera system with Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS), transforming its traffic incident awareness and response process.

Moreno Valley is bordered by hilly terrain, freeways and a military air base. These presented complex challenges as it pursued a community-wide camera system to improve public safety. Partnered with Hitachi and numerous public and private entities, the city has built an innovative, effective and very popular video ecosystem that delivers better traffic flow through city intersections, better situational awareness and better emergency response.

Seeing the Big Picture with Hitachi Visualization

Based on Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) edge-capture devices and Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) software, Moreno Valley can realize its ambitious public safety goals.

  • Hitachi Visualization Platform: HVP ruggedized devices include high-definition video cameras with analytics, and intelligent gateways for third-party video integration and live streaming. The gateways act as ingest services for any external sensor data. 
  • Hitachi Visualization Suite: HVS is cloud-based software ideal for capitalizing on rapid response and actionable data intelligence. Designed to seamlessly integrate video and data resources, HVS enables users to leverage and view just about any layer, from computer-aided dispatch and 911 systems to license-plate recognition and gunshot sensors. 
  • Implementation Innovation: Community partnerships are at the core of this innovative project. Agreements allow the city to install camera or radio components on the property of outside entities. And the city works with local malls, stores, churches, schools and other organizations that have existing cameras and are willing to share images from those systems. 

Since integrating Hitachi Visualization with its other network systems, the city can monitor and proactively respond to traffic in real time. It has also seen more families coming back to the parks, as there is a greater sense of safety and well-being. 

“The end result is that we have become a safer and smarter city through the use of Hitachi Visualization,” says Steve Hargis, technology services division manager. “We are safer because of the number of incidents we are able to investigate, the clarity that we’re able to gain on events happening in our city, and the leads that we generate that we would not have otherwise.”

Watch this video see how Moreno Valley improved public safety.

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Image Credit: Hitachi Vantara

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