How Hitachi Vantara and AWS Help MSPs Leverage the Cloud for Their Customers

Tap into capabilities and services available through the Hitachi Vantara and AWS partnership to accelerate, optimize  and de-risk your customers’ cloud transformation projects. 

  • January 10, 2023 | Author: Steve Zurier
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Businesses migrate to the cloud for agility and speed and to help create new revenue-generating products and services. As part of this cloud journey, many organizations depend on managed service providers (MSPs) to support them across a wide array of needs, including modernizing public, private and hybrid cloud environments. 

Organizations also want MSPs to help them take advantage of new capabilities, such as DevOps, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and new technologies such artificial intelligence and data analytics. 

In response to these needs, Hitachi Vantara now offers an end-to-end set of products and services that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, Hitachi Vantara and AWS offer capabilities and services that MSPs can tap into to accelerate, optimize and de-risk cloud transformation projects for customers. 

  • Automation: Hitachi Vantara and AWS infuse automation across the entire lifecycle of its services, which includes the use of the Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform. The automation platform helps customers migrate applications to the cloud with the ability to refactor applications, modernize operations, and deliver managed cloud services. 
  • Critical expertise and knowledge: Hitachi Vantara has 11 major AWS competencies and more than 300 AWS certified professionals. 
  • End-to-end portfolio: Hitachi Vantara offers an end-to-end set of cloud services that range from consulting and advisory services to application migration and modernization to cloud operations. 
  • Predesigned, pre-engineered, and ready-to-use solutions. Hybrid cloud PaaS and IaaS options are delivered with a complete ready-to-use service catalog and are backed by Hitachi Vantara’s storage and consulting services. These as-a-service offerings accelerate the deployment of hybrid cloud infrastructure and are provided on a flexible pay-per-use consumption model. 

Hitachi Vantara and AWS in Action 

Beverage company Sestra Systems developed a “dispensing-as-a-service” solution that turns beverage taps into IoT-connected devices, improving customer service, preventing loss through spillage, and ensuring compliance with state beverage commission regulations.

Sestra uses AWS and Hitachi Vantara cloud services to connect devices to the network so its customers can sync and aggregate storage data when they go online. When there's limited connectivity, the smart taps are in an enclosed, nonconnected environment, but customers can still leverage data on performance to boost operational efficiencies. For example, they can get notifications that they need to change a keg to maintain a seamless pouring experience.

With the IoT system Hitachi Vantara developed for Sestra, once devices are provisioned, the configurable agent service captures telemetry data, such as CPU usage, available memory, and diagnostic log per hour, and services these commands. It then sets IoT-specific rules in the cloud to move the data from any cloud service provider's MQ Telemetry Transport broker to various endpoints. 

"As our relationship with Hitachi Vantara grew, the project evolved from cloud enablement to helping us grow our solution to a completely serverless environment," said vice president of engineering at Sestra, Ben Maphis. "We can scale and offer consumer cloud services to address the needs of the different industries we work with."

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Image credit: Hitachi Vantara

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