Hitachi Vantara and Kyndryl Form Partnership to Migrate Customers to the Cloud

  • February 9, 2024 | Author: Steve Zurier
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Hitachi Vantara recently forged  a new partnership with IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl to combine Kyndryl’s Private Cloud Services with Hitachi Vantara’s extensive storage and cloud management offerings. 
The large storge vendor said it made this move to meet the need in the market for scalable data systems that improve visibility into existing data and help organizations derive enhanced business insights from data that in the past was often inaccessible or not properly leveraged. 
Many analysts say enterprise data has been growing at unprecedented levels, with organizations expecting their data to double by 2025. Now, Hitachi Vantara can offer its storage products and cloud management tools to Kyndryl customers in need of modernized data center technology.
Hitachi Vantara has several decades delivering storage products to enterprise customers, and over the past several years has worked closely with many Fortune 500 companies to migrate their data storage operations to the cloud. Best known for its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 Series, the enterprise-level VSP 500 series starts as small as 3.8 terabytes and grows to 69 petabytes of capacity.
Headquartered in New York City, Kyndryl was created from the spin-off of IBM's infrastructure services business in 2021. The company designs, builds, manages and develops large-scale information systems. Kyndryl specializes in helping organizations become cyber resilient and also works closely with companies to migrate them to multi-cloud environments – another reason this new partnership makes sense for both companies.
“This collaboration reinforces our commitment to providing cutting-edge storage solutions tailored to clients’ diverse needs,” said Debbie Foster-Nevin, vice president of global alliances at Kyndryl. “The synergy between Kyndryl’s proficiency in cloud infrastructure services and Hitachi Vantara’s leadership in hybrid cloud and data storage makes this an ideal partnership.”
Hitachi Vantara and Kyndryl in Action  
In a recent project with a large retailer in the United Kingdom, both Kyndryl and Hitachi Vantara worked with the customer on a public cloud migration that saw its on-premises footprint shrink by 50% in the coming years. As happens with many back-end retail operations, its legacy storage and computers were heavily dependent on aging platforms that were difficult to transition to the cloud – a more flexible system was required.  
Hitachi Vantara’s EverFlex management and payment system helped the UK retailer settle existing leases and maintenance obligations. And, the flexibility EverFlex offered around pay-per-use let the retailer ramp down to public cloud without breaking the bank. 
To enable the transformation of the retailer’s legacy storage and compute systems, Hitachi Vantara deployed new VSP5500 products across seven systems delivering nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) storage as a future platform for the retailer’s services. 
The benefits: Financial flexibility via EverFlex offered a balance sheet boost and cost savings from Day 1. And, the pay-per use model supports plans to continue the migration to the public cloud.
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