Why Relying Exclusively on Backup and Recovery Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

Hitachi Vantara storage combined with the Commvault Cloud delivers the cyber resilience your customers need today.  

  • February 14, 2024 | Author: Steve Zurier
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In an era of escalating ransomware attacks and ever-evolving data demands, relying exclusively on backup and recovery has become an outdated approach to ensuring that organizations can remain up and running after an attack.

There's too much data (now measured in petabytes) and network complexity to rely solely on the traditional nightly backup-to-tape approach. True operational resilience requires a new perspective: one that expands on data protection capabilities and introduces unique attributes, such as immutable data, artificial intelligence (AI) detection and monitoring, unified management, and rapid recovery at scale.

It's especially true when the organization faces a ransomware attack practically every day or even several times a week, explains Christophe Bertrand, practice director and senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

Based on recent ESG research, Bertrand made the following points around ransomware in a recent webinar:

  • 11% of those surveyed face a ransomware attack every day, while 16% say they face weekly attacks, and 19% said they experience monthly ransomware attacks. Another 29% say they face sporadic attacks.
  • 52% of organizations say a ransomware attack is one of the top three threats to the viability of their organization, while 13% say it’s the single biggest threat.
  • The top four negative impacts from a ransomware attack are data exposure, 53%; data loss, 51%, operational disruption, 46%, and direct impact to employees-customers, 42%.
  • Only 25% of those surveyed can recover at least 80% of the organization’s mission-critical data.

“It’s clear that a ransomware attack is a different beast compared with a natural disaster,” says Jeff Lundberg, principal product marketing manager, Hitachi Vantara. “A natural disaster won’t destroy all three data centers. Ransomware attacks can do that, plus go after all of an organization’s configuration files and data protection copies.”

How the Commvault Cloud Offers Cyber Resilience 

Stephanie Stouck, director, product marketing at Commvault, says the Commvault Cloud offered in tandem with Hitachi Vantara storage can deliver the cyber resilience that today’s organizations require.

“The Commvault Cloud can protect, monitor, report, and recover data from a single pane of glass,” said Stouck.

Stouck points out that the Commvault Cloud also offers platform services that let teams run risk analysis where they can discover, classify and protect sensitive data. The Commvault Cloud also has AI capabilities that deliver early warning alerts on potential threats, automated validation of those threats and continuous recovery testing.

“We offer the ability to test recoverability so organizations can trust the data and trust that the hardware is clean,” said Stouck. “This ‘clean room’ recovery helps with forensics and gives teams the ability to show the insurance company exactly what happened.”

Watch the webinar: Evolve from Backup and Recovery to Cyber and Operational Resilience.

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