How Nurturing a Data Culture Can Unlock the Potential of DataOps

  • October 6, 2022 | Author: Kathy Wilson
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Eighty percent of organizations report having made progress toward implementing a DataOps strategy, but only 9% say that DataOps is an optimized, ingrained part of their company culture, according to a study by 451 Research. What’s holding the rest back, and what can you do to accelerate DataOps adoption among your customers? 

One of the most interesting takeaways? Organizations may be addressing their DataOps obstacles in the wrong order – too focused on addressing data literacy and other organizational barriers instead of first dealing with underlying data management issues. While the two go hand-in-hand, without the latter you may never achieve the former.

So how do your customers get from here to there? 

  • Be definitive about DataOps, aligning people, processes, and technology to enable more agile and automated approaches to data management.
  • Identify barriers to growing a data culture, both organizational and technical challenges.
  • Enable self-service through data management, integrating data, maintaining security, and addressing data quality issues.

When done correctly, DataOps becomes a catalyst for creating a data culture, removing barriers between people and data technologies. This drives growth, helps organizations increase sales, enhance customer service and engagement, and creates a positive feedback loop that strengthens the entire enterprise. 

Learn how these key strategies can deliver data-driven outcomes for your organization. Download the report from 451 Research. 


Image Source: Hitachi Vantara / Getty Images

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