GigaOm Sonar Report: Ransomware Protection for Block-Based Primary Storage

Ransomware is not new, but signficantly increased attack frequency has thrust it into the spotlight. Download this analyst report to discover the latest ransomware trends and how to protect your customers' data and business operations. 

  • February 6, 2023 | Author: Kathy Wilson
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Ransomware encrypts data assets on primary storage systems making them inaccessible unless the victim pays an extortion fee. Highly optimized to spread across networks, organizations, and infrastructure, ransomware is embedded in a file that looks legitimate and is triggered by an unsuspecting user opening the infected file. 

This GigaOm Sonar report focuses on ransomware protection currently available for block-based primary storage systems.

Advanced file-based ransomware implementations use a combination of techniques to remain unnoticed and spread silently. For example, they may start encryption activities a few weeks or months after a system has been infiltrated, or they first target dormant files that haven’t been accessed for a significant time.

Block-based ransomware attacks, while less common, can be even more damaging, encrypting entire data volumes and making recovery much harder than with file-based attacks. They are quicker and easier to detect, however, because once a volume is encrypted, no read/write operations are possible.

Benefits of Ransomware Protection on Block Storage

Although dedicated out-of-band ransomware protection exists, organizations should not underestimate the benefits of in-band ransomware protection capabilities embedded in block storage solutions. The most effective mitigations include a combination of in-band and out-of-band capabilities, but for smaller businesses or cost-conscious organizations, block storage ransomware protection solutions offer an important first line of defense:

  • Faster recovery than backup restores can provide, usually measured in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Greater ease of use because reverting to a healthy snapshot takes considerably less effort than identifying and orchestrating data recovery from a data protection platform.
  • Cost-effective protection and recovery operations, as block storage ransomware protection solutions are usually provided at no cost and deliver a very effective protection layer. 

The Bottom Line

Solution providers can help customers strengthen defenses by implementing ransomware defenses on their primary storage systems. The most advanced solutions can ensure that primary data is minimally impacted by ransomware attacks, avoiding business disruption and mitigating the consequences of financial, regulatory, and reputational impact.

Read the full GigaOm Sonar report.

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